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Baby Names 2010: Over 7,000 of This Year's Favourite Names - Eleanor Turner

Baby Names 2010: Over 7,000 of This Year's Favourite Names

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Eleanor Turner

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Pages: 368 (Paperback)

ISBN: 1905410581

Pub: White Ladder Press Ltd

Pub date: 2009-08-15 Sales Rank: 1147

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Reader Reviews:

5/5 stars

Brilliant! (0/0 people found this helpful)

Full of all sorts of names for you to choose from! Particularly liked the latest celeb choices and older names that are becoming fashionable again - an interesting and nice touch. With 7000 names in here there's bound to be something in here that takes your fancy!

3/5 stars

Mixed views on this item. (1/1 people found this helpful)

This book starts by detailing points to consider when thinking of names for your baby, this section is very helpful and amusing if not a little worrying in how many things you may need to think about to not burden your child with a name that may cause bullying or amusement to others. The initials section and some of the reasons behind why certain famous people have used double barrel names I found very funny.

However the majority of the list of names are extremely unusual and alot I wouldn't name my worst enemy. The description of the names is short but a name you may like, may turn out to have a meaning that may totally put you off and vice versa.

I have read this book once and wouldn't refer to it again, I would therefore recommend borrowing it before making a decision on whether to purchase.

2/5 stars

only ok (1/2 people found this helpful)

Only Ok, nothing inspiring and on bad quality paper so not that enjoyable to read. Each name only has a line about the meaning of the name.

5/5 stars

The only baby name book you could need! (7/7 people found this helpful)

This book is really helpful in making the all-important decision on what to call your baby. It's not just a standard list of possible names for you to choose from, it also helps you to think about things such as how the name might be shortened, the initials, acronyms, surnames and even about naming twins or more!

Chapters include details on what names were popular in 2009, predicted top names for 2010, popular names from the past, daft celebrity baby names, advice about registering your baby and some very funny names that were even banned by the Registar! It also obviously includes a full and comprehensive list of boys and girls names complete with the origin and meaning.

I really enjoyed looking through the book and have had lots of fun writing a great list of possible names!

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