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Complete Illustrated Cookery Course ( Classic Edition ) - Delia Smith

Complete Illustrated Cookery Course ( Classic Edition )

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Delia Smith

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Pages: 576 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 0563214546

Pub: BBC Books

Pub date: 1989-10-12 Sales Rank: 3077

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Reader Reviews:

5/5 stars

A complete classic (0/0 people found this helpful)

I recently received this book as a present as I was always bemoaning how Jamie's recipes never turned out. And this book is a revelation! It is wonderfully written and presented, and although it is an old book now I firmly believe that it trumps all the new cookery books with it's wisdom, and everything I have tried so far has been a complete success. It is such a fun book to flick through and plan future meals with as well! Everyone should own a Delia!

5/5 stars

A great cookery book (0/0 people found this helpful)

In this book Delia covers all of the basics of cookery and is definitely designed for the home cook rather than a chef. The many recipes given include traditional British fare along with well known international meals such as goulash and mousaka but also extend to other more adventurous dishes of kind Delia is famous for. Although entitled a course it is not a series of lessons. Instead it is divided into sections around meat, fish, poultry, pasta and so on. This makes it easy to use as either a reference book or a recipe book.

The hard copy format is well made so that the book conveniently lies open at any page without the user having to stand something on top as this reviwer often has to do with paperbacks. The illustrations are excellent and the text is supported at points with helpful diagrams. Two minor criticisms: the book is revision of an earlier version but is not quite as up-to-date as the blurb implies. Some useful products now found in most supermarkets are not mentioned. For example there are now some quite good low fat versions of dairy products available but then Delia is a self confessed traditionalist and her heart is not really in low fat cookery. Secondly although she acknowledges modern healthy diets she seldom suggests healthy alternatives in her recipes. This reviewer is by no means the only person on a low fat diet for medical reasons who would have appreciated this.

This is one of the most attractive and useful cookery books I have seen. As a virtual beginner as a cook it has already become my prime reference book.

5/5 stars

Works every time... (0/0 people found this helpful)

This book should be everyone first cook book. My mother has always had a copy in her kitchen and I was given a copy by my grandmother when I left home. I have honestly lost count of the number of times I have reached for this book over the years. It contains practical advice on nearly every ingredient you care to think of, along with fool-proof recipes - every one as delicious as the next.

Alot of the recipes are tried and tested basics, such as classic ragu sauce, and Victoria sponge - but it is definitely the place to start. No one can possible hope to learn to cook without owning a copy of Delia. She is my all time culinary hero - hands down!

5/5 stars

Brilliant Update (0/0 people found this helpful)

I have had the original hardback of this book for many years and swore by Delia's recipes. Sadly after all those years of frequent use it was falling to pieces with loose pages and cover. I am delighted with the updated version with colour pictures, it represents good value and will enable me to continue to produce the tried and tested dishes plus some new ones. Sadly the old book has had to be confined to the bin but the new one is a more than worthy replacement.

5/5 stars

Now it becomes easier (1/1 people found this helpful)

This book is a definite must buy. It has clear precise easy to follow recipes and beautiful colour pictures.
I think this will become my bible over time

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