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Delia Smith's Summer Collection: 140 Recipes for Summer - Delia Smith

Delia Smith's Summer Collection: 140 Recipes for Summer

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Delia Smith

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Pages: 224 (Paperback)

ISBN: 0563488700

Pub: BBC Books

Pub date: 2003-05-08 Sales Rank: 1526

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Editorial Review:

"Summer is a special time for cooks, a dazzling time when fresh ingredients present themselves in rapid succession, some of them so briefly that we need to snap them up to enjoy them at their best," Delia Smith writes in the introduction to her now classic Summer Collection. No-one can deny that we live in a privileged age when we can shop all round the world for anything at any time of the year, but that should never eclipse the joy of being able to eat something grown close to home when it's at its peak.

Asparagus, runner beans, baby carrots and strawberries all make an appearance in this book, all enhanced by Delia with tastes from California, Italy, Greece and the East. The cooking techniques range from grilling and roasting vegetables to making homemade ice cream. Recipes include Salmon Steaks with Avocado and Crème Fraîche to Sautéed Asparagus with Eggs and Parmesan. Desserts, breads and baking tips complete the collection. --Amanda James

Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

Delia strikes again (0/0 people found this helpful)

Lovely glossy pictures and easy to read instructions for tasty meals. A bit disappointed the book was not the hardback edition but the price was right and the recipes are all the same as the harddback. Have added it to the bookshelf with all the other Delia books and will look forward to using it in the Summer.

5/5 stars

Delias Summer Collection (0/0 people found this helpful)

Up to Delia's usual standard very clear and precise recipes, easy to follow. Most user friendly recipes.

5/5 stars

how to brighten up your summer even if the sun doesn't shine (2/2 people found this helpful)

This is a fun cook book with lots of unusual and delicious ideas. Coconut and lime cake for example. Beautifully illustrated, Delia has done it again: created a temptation for every cook to get into that kitchen.

5/5 stars

Every home should own a copy of Delia Smith (0/0 people found this helpful)

When I first started cooking many years ago, Delia Smith had just released her How to Cook books, which were fantastic. I subsequently bought her Summer Collection in which she creates seasonal dishes to pull in all the best ingredients of the summer months. What I really like about the Delia books is that every recipe is accompanied with a photograph of what the finished dish looks like. This is great as you can find something you like the look of and get cooking.

The instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow and I have never cooked anything yet that does not resemble the photograph. Even though I would now consider myself to be a more advanced cook, I still go back to the Delia books for simple, tasty and mouth watering recipes.

5/5 stars

cook book (1/1 people found this helpful)

I was having a dinner party and wanted some inspiration of something tasty but reasonably easy to prepare, so looking through a friends delia smith book I came across the baked lamb recipe and this seemed to fit the evening well. It was a great success and extremely tasty. I have since gone on to make several of the dishes Delia has, all have proved to be as delicious as the first. This book I fully recommend and I will certainly be looking to purchase more of her books

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