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book 5.0/5 stars
The Libyan Anarchy: Inscriptions from Egypt's Third Intermediate Period (Writings from the Ancient World) Robert K. RitnerRRP: £34.99 Our price: £33.24
book 4.5/5 stars
Wheels Across the Desert: Exploration of the Libyan Desert by Motorcar 1916-1942 Andrew Goudie Our price: £10.00
book 1.0/5 stars
The Libyan Revolution: Its Origins and Legacy Nicholas Hagger Our price: £11.99
book Paperback Adventures in the Libyan Desert and the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon Bayle St. JohnRRP: £7.99 Our price: £7.19
book Paperback Desert: List of deserts, Sahara, Kalahari Desert, Namib Desert, Libyan Desert, Sinai Peninsula, Arabian Desert, Gobi Desert, Taklamakan Desert, Ordos Desert RRP: £42.00 Our price: £35.70
book Hardcover Farming the Desert: the UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archaeological Survey. Volume One: Synthesis: 1 Graeme Barker, David Gilbertson, Barri Jones, David MattinglyRRP: £40.00 Our price: £38.00
book Paperback German Methods of Warfare in the Libyan Desert U.S. Army, Military Intelligence Service Our price: £20.00
book Paperback Libyan Sands: Travel in a Dead World R.A. BagnoldRRP: £12.99 Our price: £9.09
book Paperback The Libyan Desert: Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage (Society for Libyan Studies Monograph) David Mattingly, Sue McLaren, Elizabeth Savage, Yahya al-Fasatwi, Khaled GadgoodRRP: £35.00 Our price: £33.25
book Hardcover The Libyan Paradox Luis MartinezRRP: £25.00 Our price: £23.75
book Hardcover The Origins of the Libyan Nation (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern History) Anna BaldinettiRRP: £80.00 Our price: £76.00
book Paperback Translating Libya: The Modern Libyan Short Story (SOAS Middle East Issues) Ethan Chorin Our price: £12.99
book 5.0/5 stars
South from Barbary: Along the Slave Routes of the Libyan Sahara Justin MarozziRRP: £7.99 New from £7.99 Used from £3.98
book Hardcover Libyan Sandstorm: Complete Account of Qadhafi's Revolution John K CooleyUsed from £18.17
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