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book 5.0/5 stars
Sir Robert Peel (Lancaster Pamphlets) Eric J. Evans Our price: £12.99
book 4.5/5 stars
Robert Peel: A Biography Douglas HurdRRP: £14.99 Our price: £9.99
book Paperback Conservative Politics in the Age of Reform: From Pitt the Younger to Sir Robert Peel, 1780-1850 (International Library of Political Studies) Richard A. Gaunt Our price: £15.99
book Paperback English Premiers from Sir Robert Walpole to Sir Robert Peel John Charles Earle Our price: £18.00
book Paperback Peel and the Conservative Party, 1830-50 (Seminar Studies In History) Dr Paul AdelmanRRP: £15.99 Our price: £15.19
book Paperback Sir Robert Peel (British History in Perspective) T.A. JenkinsRRP: £19.99 Our price: £18.99
book Hardcover Sir Robert Peel: The Life and Legacy (Library of Victorian Studies): A Life and Reputation Richard A. GauntRRP: £20.00 Our price: £17.00
book Paperback The Conservative Party from Peel to Major Robert Blake Our price: £16.00
book Paperback The Opinions of Sir Robert Peel, Expressed in Parliament and in Public (1843) W. T. HalyRRP: £27.95 Our price: £26.55
book 4.5/5 stars
Sir Robert Peel: A Biography Douglas HurdRRP: £25.00 New from £2.16 Used from £2.11
book Hardcover Sir Robert Peel's Administration, 1841-46 ([Elections and administrations series]) Travis L. CrosbyUsed from £9.48
book Textbook Binding Sir Robert Peel: Statesmanship, Power and Party (Lancaster Pamphlets) Eric J. EvansRRP: £14.99 New from £3.99 Used from £0.01
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