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Vietnam Cambodia Laos and the Greater Mekong (Lonely Planet Multi Country Guide) - Nick Ray

Vietnam Cambodia Laos and the Greater Mekong (Lonely Planet Multi Country Guide)

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Nick Ray

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Pages: 548 (Paperback)

ISBN: 174179174X

Pub: Lonely Planet Publications

Pub date: 2009-09-01 Sales Rank: 966

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Reader Reviews:

5/5 stars

Great overall content to get a feel for the area I am travelling in! (0/0 people found this helpful)

I am due to go travelling in May around these areas and I found the boook very helpful to give me a good feel for each of the areas. It tells you a history of the area, things to do and a few places to stay etc. I decided I will buy some individual lonely planets for the places I am spending more time in i.e. china however, if it is a fleeting visit then this is an ideal book!

4/5 stars

Good book (0/0 people found this helpful)

Very good and comprehensive book that covers pretty much all you need to know. I travel quite a bit in Asia back-packing style and Lonely Planet books never disappoint me.

3/5 stars

Book (0/0 people found this helpful)

I found this not quite as detailed as other Lonely Planet guides I have used previously.

3/5 stars

A useful overview, but no real detail (2/2 people found this helpful)

The guide is a handy overview of the area, but provides no in depth detail, as it covers such a large area. I would recommend it, but be aware that it does not provide the same in-depth detail as the separate country editions.

One thing to add, so you don't end up like me!! Beware of day-time mosquitoes, I got bitten by one and ended up seriously ill in a non-English speaking hospital with Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever is becoming more common in Vietnam, including Hanoi.

2/5 stars

Broadly useful but watch out for poor research and errors (11/11 people found this helpful)

Just finished a short trip through Laos and the Greater Mekong area, we thought we'd get this brand new LP book to give us some guidance during the trip.

First the good stuff - the book is a rapid introduction to a diverse region. It is never going to be an indepth guide, but gives you enough ideas to focus in on things and identify any key highlights which you want to see. It offers more information than a travel brochure and a smattering of history and culture - without the comprehensiveness of a full blown guide book.

Downsides - not confident in the quality of research and maps in the book. Taking the research - one restaurant described as recently opened and offering excellent French food turned out to be offering pizzas and pasta but run by a French couple (simple mistake, no harm done - but suggests a lack of attention to detail). More serious was a fundamental error in the Vientiane map - staying at the Beau Rivage Mekong hotel the book's map showed it to be 4km south of the city centre. It turned out (after a very long, hot walk) that the map was wrong - the hotel is 0.5km NORTH of the city centre... Pretty fundamental mistake.

If it hadn't have been for the map this guide would have been worth a 4* rating, but the map error in particular means I don't have much confidence in the attention to detail with this guide book, hence the 2* rating

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