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The Czech personal tax system is due to change dramatically in 2008 with the introduction of a flat tax rate of 15%. Unfortunately, the tax will be calculated based on the much higher figure of an employees gross income plus the employer's contributions to health and social insurance (a further 35% of the employee's gross salary).

This web page however is based on the currrent situation (2007) of a 4-band graduated tax regime.

This tax calculator can be used to calculate the Gross salary required to pay someone a certain Net salary in the Czech Republic. It calculates the amount of tax that the employee will have to pay, the health and social insurance that the employee and employer have to pay, and the TOTAL cost of all the taxes and insurances that the state will receive.

Workers may be interested in the “total cost of employment” in the Czech Republic, including the massive amounts that the employer pays towards social (26% of gross salary) and health (9% of gross salary) insurance.

Employers may be interested in calculating how much it will cost to employ a worker at a given Net salary.

Disclaimer: CZECH BUREAUCRACY AND TAX LAWS ARE COMPLEX. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, about the accuracy of this tool. Talk to a professional tax advisor before basing anything on the figures presented here. They may be wrong!

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