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Brandons’ Diary, January 2006

The lowdown on mission life in the Czech Republic UK
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This diary tracks the progress of the Brandon family from their preparations to become missionaries in the Czech Republic in 2003-2004, to their homecoming in 2005 and beyond…

… through the shock of leaving home in Scotland, to the shock of full immersion in Czech culture, to the many ministry opportunities, friendships, soaring highs and plunging lows; learning Czech, buying and selling a car, getting their son into the Czech schooling system, bureaucracy, travel, evangelistic outreaches, and trying to live lives obedient to God wherever he calls them.

The Brandons are now based in the UK with a new baby (Toby), and Steve works for OM International in a web design team. They still have a heart for the Czech Republic but are re-evaluating what this means for the longer term.


Tuesday 10th January 2006, Paisley, Scotland (Steve)

OK, this is it. We have decided to re-join OM, where I’ll be part of a team re-thinking and putting into action OM’s internet presence. So it’s about the international web site, on-line giving, on-line application processing, youth communications, alumni, and all sorts of other things. It puts into practice many of the skills I have developed over a number of years of IT and web experience, plus the first hand experience I have gained from 2 years as an active OM missionary on the field.


Thursday 5th January 2006, Paisley, Scotland (Steve)

Me and my boys!
me and my boys

right: Benji cleaning Toby’s eyes

After some negotiations, our church QP have agreed in principle to give us their blessing to rejoin OM for the next 12 months.

But we’re still not really sure about our own feelings in taking up the post. We feel like we’re in a bit of a catch-22 situation with our supporters. On one hand we want to talk to everyone and lay out our thoughts and uncertainties. On the other hand, we’re not fully convinced in ourselves that this is something that we want to fight for. Until we feel really strongly that we want to take up the position, we don’t feel like talking to everyone. Every day I swither back and forth about whether we should do it or not… I need to make up my mind.


Toby content

Sunday 1st January 2006, Paisley, Scotland (Steve)

Last night’s Hogmanay was quiet but awesome. Us and our boys. And a DVD of Dobrý Voják Švejk (just keeping the Czech culture up). Sleep is not coming easy though — Toby isn’t managing more than about 2 1/2 hours between feeds and it makes for long nights.

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