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Czech Scottish Diary, November 2005

The lowdown on mission life in the Czech Republic re-entry to the UK
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Re-entry +12: Tuesday 1st November 2005, Derby, England (Steve)

Benji at Carsington Water

Varya at Elvaston Castle

After nearly 2 weeks back in the UK we’re starting to feel more normal. We’re also feeling more like we want to get to our new flat in Paisley fairly quickly, even though we know that that’s going to be a huge mess for a while (over 100 boxes of stuff going into a 2 bedroom flat, and not all of them labelled properly… hmmm!).

What a stroke of genius it was to come and stay with Varya’s mum for 2 weeks though (must have been Varya’s idea). It’s been the perfect buffer between the stress of leaving the Czech Republic, and the stress of moving into a new place. We’ve had the chance to get used to driving on t’other side of the road, shopping, TV, seeing family again, without having to face all the hassles of looking after ourselves fully. Varya’s mum has spoiled us completely.

Today we spotted a Skoda Octavia for sale near Glasgow, only £2100. It’s almost identical to Oskar who we sold in the Czech Republic, except a lot more mileage and a LOT cheaper! Roll on next week when we can go and buy it…

Benji was out with Gran today, charming the birds off the trees. In the train to Birmingham, he amazed the people in the seats around him, coming out with “Gran Mac, I assume that the train is going faster than the clouds?”. He’s only 4 and a half. What a guy. And he beat all of us at Ludo during the weekend.

Last but not least, Varya and I got UK telephone numbers for our mobile phones today. See our contact page for the new numbers.

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