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Medieval Festival, Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov (Ceske Krumlov) Festival of the Five Petalled Rose, June 2004

Varya takes the controls of the camera for a visit to Cesky Krumlov's fantastic annual medieval festival, the Festival of the Five Petalled Rose. Glorious costumes, music, markets, food and handcrafts abound.

Cesky Krumlov, South Bohemia

We have visited Cesky Krumlov (Ceske Krumlov?) many times, and found it to be as idyllic as one can imagine a Bohemian town to be. The historic town centre nestled in a curve of the Vltava river, a huge medieval castle, and incredible period architecture make this an absolute must-see in the Czech Republic.
ornate window

MTS crowd

Mosbach MTS (Missionary Training School)

At the end of January 2004, we join 7 others from around the world in 10 days of training, teaching, fun food and friendship, in the beautiful town of Mosbach (Germany). We're all about to go off to various countries in Central and Eastern Europe for between 6 months and two years (or more) of missionary service, with Operation Mobilisation.

The West of Scotland

Armed with a new digital camera, Steve sets off around Dumbarton, Inverary, the Mull of Kintyre, Tarbert, Bellochantuy, and Campbeltown for a photographic adventure. This is the first of a set of 3 days of photographs capturing the splendour of the west coast of Scotland, in the long tranquil days of summer.


Skipness Castle

West of Scotland, Part 2

Taking in early morning sunshine, Steve travels down around the Mull of Kintyre, seeing a coastal shipwreck, the inaugural Campbeltown Vintage Air Show, the Saddell Abbey effegies and historic site, Skipness castle, and the incomparable Kilmartin Glen with its ancient stone carvings. There are some splendid views of the west coast of Aran, and of the acres of purple heather.

English Camp, Czech Republic, 2002

In July/August 2002 we helped out at an English camp held in a Pension out in the country, in South Bohemia. We made lots of friends, and had a wonderful time with wonderful people. We love the Czech Republic!
english camp
terezin cell doors

Terezin ("Theresienstadt")

Terezin is the location of a major concentration and transit camp for Jews in WW2. It's about 30 minutes by coach from Prague. We visited it a few days before going on the the English Camp. Mid-summer, extremely hot, but chilling nonetheless.

See also here (not ours) for an amazing description with more photos, and readers' experiences.

Svaty Jan nad Malsi

Our first month of our new life in the Czech Republic was with a family in the South Bohemian village of Svaty Jan nad Malsi. Being in February, the weather was almost constantly sub-zero, meaning... fun in the snow!

Svaty Jan nad Malsi
benji with wooden dog

Benjamin, 12-17 Months

Our little man is growing up far too fast. Here are some piccies of his 1st birthday and a few others.

London Trip 2002

Varya and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by taking a long weekend down in London. For a few of the days we left Benjamin in the capable hands of Varya's brother and his now fiancée May-King.
boating on the Thames


Christmas / New Year 2002/2003

Isn't Christmas exciting when you have a child? To be honest, despite the veritable mountain of presents, Benjamin was almost as interested in playing with the toy telephone that he had given me!!!
Note: these photos were taken on a rubbishy cheap digital camera that I should have just returned to the shop. Don't ever buy a Vivicam 20!

A Scottish Wedding

30 August 2002 was the date for Graeme Crawford and Heather Atherton to tie the knot. The ceremony was held at Queen's Park Baptist Church, and the reception at a country hotel in Ayrshire.
Crawford/Atherton wedding

Sam at piano

Sam and Benjamin

It wasn't until Varya and Lucy realised that their "bumps" were growing at the same rate that they introduced themselves at church. Benjamin and Sam ended up being born on the very same day, and have been best mates ever since. We were so sad to say goodbye when we left Scotland at the end of January 2004.

Largs and Vikingar

The popular seaside destination of Largs may be a very different place in the dead of winter, but the bracing sea breeze and lashing of the waves are exhilarating.
Largs is also home to a Viking exhibition centre, explaining the various Viking invasions of this West Coast Scottish town over the centuries.
Here are some pictures of a trip we made to Largs in early 2003.
waterfront at Largs

wet Neilston Pad

Gran Mac's visit, March 2003

Benji always gets on well with his grandparents—Gran Mac no exception! These photos include shots of a cold, wet but exhilarating walk up "Neilston Pad", a hill just minutes from our house.

Derby, Nottingham – at Gran Mac's

The roles are reversed—Benjamin and Varya visit Gran Mac in Derbyshire. Uncle Ewan makes an appearance, and there are some lovely shots in the grounds of Alvaston Castle, Nottingham, and Derby.
footie in castle grounds

Benji in Bluebells

Benjamin in Spring Bluebells

Mid May in Neilston - the Bluebells bloom, and there are certain fields and woods near our home in Neilston that are awash with blue flowers. Benjamin here is just 2 weeks away from his 2nd birthday.

Neilston Show 2003

Otherwise known as "the cattle show", the Neilston Show brings the whole community together, from the sheep and cattle farmers of the area, to all the local city-dwellers. There are tugs-of-war, races between ponies and quadbikes, baking competitions, sideshows, horse trials, and the all important sheep and cattle competitions. It's a fantastic and long running (over 100 years) part of Neilston life.
cattle show

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