czech republic missionaries
czech republic missionaries

transferring from Prague airport into the city on the Prague Metro

How to use the extremely cheap Prague public transport system to transfer from Prague Airport to Prague Central Station, using the Prague Metro. Then from Prague Central Station to Brno or elsewhere. Prague airport transfer to the station via the Prague Metro and buses is easy.

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Jewish Cemetary in Prague
Jewish Cemetary, Prague


ceske budejovice fountain
fountain, Ceske Budejovice


Prague Public Transport: Cheap and Easy — if you don’t have too much luggage!

Example: Airport to the main (central) train station, to catch a train to Brno

You only have to purchase one ticket to get you from the airport to the main/central station. The ticket gets you on a number 119 bus from the airport to Dejvicka, then it gets you onto the underground at Dejvicka to Muzeum, where you change to a different underground line (still using the same ticket) to get you to the main/central station “Hlavni Nadrazi”.

Remember: only validate your ticket ONCE, on the first transport that you enter (bus / tram / metro)

[Ticket prices and info updated September 2008]
The ticket lasts 75 minutes during office hours (8AM-5PM), and 90 minutes off peak. Getting from the airport to the hlavni nadrazi takes less than an hour, so you are safe with one ticket.

One ticket for one hour costs 26 crowns (about £0.60). BUT any large bags/suitcases you have with you have to have a ticket too: 13 crowns each for any luggage items exceeding 25x45x70cm. So you may need to buy a 26 crown and a 13 crown ticket.

It may pay to check the official Prague public transport site for the most up to date ticket prices.

Charles Bridge - Karluv Most
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most), Prague

You can buy these tickets at orange coin operated machines on the streets or at the entrance to underground stations, or at newsagents etc. At the airport there’s a transport desk just as you come out of arrivals, where you should be able to get them too.

You have to validate the ticket(s) as soon as you get on the bus, or as you enter the underground station. There are little yellow machines that you poke the right end of the ticket into, and it stamps the location, date and time onto the end of the ticket. Only validate it once though, at the start of your journey! Watch out for the plain-clothes ticket inspectors — they will show you a badge before asking for your ticket, so make sure you retain the ticket until you are completely out of the underground.

To re-iterate: From Prague airport to the main/central train station:

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    buy a 26 crown and 13 crown ticket from the desk at the airport, or if you have coins, from the orange machine at the bus stop at the airport.

  • take the number 119 bus to Dejvicka (it’s marked “Dejvicka”). Get both tickets validated in the little yellow machine on the bus.

  • get off at Dejvicka and go down into the underground (Metro). Because it’s the end of the underground line, there’s only one direction you can go in. The line you are on is the Green “A” line.

  • get off at the stop called “Muzeum”, and transfer onto the other underground line, which is the red “C” line. It’s a bit of a walk through the underground tunnels.

  • it’s just one stop from there to Hlavni Nadrazi (make sure you are heading in the right direction though! If after one stop you’re not at Hlavni Nadrazi, then get off and go to the other platform, and go back 2 stops!). Once you are there, as you come up the stairs or escalator you find yourself in the lower level of the main station proper. There is a small set of stairs that leads you from there to a higher level, where you’ll find the tunnel to get you to the platforms.

  • at the ticket booths in the lower level, go and ask for a 1 way ticket to Brno (or wherever). Return tickets, though cheap, only allow the return part of the trip to be the following day. If you’ll be away for longer than that you have to get a single for each direction. Hopefully they will speak English! If not, try the following:

Prosim vas, jeden do Brna. Jen tam. [if you want to go to Brno]

Prosim vas, jeden do Ceskych Budejovic. Jen tam. [if you want to go to Ceske Budejovice]

Tabor skyline
skyline, Tabor

That sounds something like this:

Proseem vaas, yeden doe brna. Yen taam. [to Brno]

Proseem vaas, yeden doe chess-keek Bood-ye-yo-veets. Yen taam. [to C.B.]

(please, one to Brno/C.B. Just one way.)

Before getting on the train, double check that it’s the right one by looking at the signs on the platform, but also on the boards attached to the end of each carriage that state the starting and ending stations. If in doubt, ask someone (even in English) and hopefully you’ll get a reply!

Bus and Train timetables on the WWW

Before you actually leave home it would be a good idea to check out the online train timetable to see when the different trains from Prague to Brno run.

Click on the UK flag for English translation on that page .

Then, for start and destination stations, type “Praha” (instead of Prague) and “Brno”. The search comes up with buses as well as trains, but I recommend sticking to trains, it’s a lot easier to get to the central train station than it is to find and get to all the various bus stations!

Here are some example times for trains based on travelling on a Saturday to Brno (please check for yourself, entering the exact day you will be travelling!). These are probably out of date by the time you read this, but it gives you an idea of frequency and cost: Central station = “hl. n.” (Hlavni Nadrazi). I've just chosen the direct ones - there may be cheaper ones available with more changes, or a combination of bus and train.

    • dep 09:38, arr 13:12 (3hr 34), 314 crowns
    • dep 09:53, arr 13:34 (3hr 41), 317 crowns
    • dep 11:38, arr 15:12 (3hr 34), 314 crowns
    • dep 11:53, arr 15:34 (3hr 41), 317 crowns
    • dep 13:38, arr 17:12 (3hr 12), 314 crowns
    • dep 13:53, arr 17:34 (3hr 41), 317 crowns
    • dep 15:38, arr 19:12 (3hr 34), 314 crowns
    • dep 15:53, arr 19:34 (3hr 41), 317 crowns
    • dep 17:38, arr 21:12 (3hr 34), 314 crowns
    • dep 17:53, arr 21:34 (3hr 41), 317 crowns

Then there are more at 13:33/14:33/15:33 etc. (from Holesovice), and others with connections.

So you have a few to choose from.

Other things to remember:

  • Watch your pockets at all times! Don’t become a pickpocket statistic! I have friends who lost bags/purses on the crowded metro (underground). With everyone jostling around you, you can’t tell when someone is relieving you of your valuables, even from inside your bags.

  • On the train you can’t guarantee that there will be a restaurant car, so make sure you get some food and drink to take with you. If you can afford it, buy something at your home airport or at Prague airport. Food available at the main station is universally horrible.

  • Check the carriage you are getting into, to make sure it’s 2nd class and non-smoking. There should be a number 2 with a box around it displayed near the door, and a non-smoking symbol.

OK, that’s all I can think of for now — I trust that this helps!

-- Stephen Brandon, September 2005


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