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A Land of Two Halves: An Accidental Tour of New Zealand - Joe Bennett

A Land of Two Halves: An Accidental Tour of New Zealand

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Joe Bennett

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Pages: 314 (Paperback)

ISBN: 074326357X

Pub: Scribner

Pub date: 2005-05-03 Sales Rank: 8166

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Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

easy reading (0/0 people found this helpful)

Very easy reading not much tourist type info but very interesting insights, and fab for anyone who is thinking of hitch hiking.

4/5 stars

Pretty good read (0/0 people found this helpful)

Pretty good read. The writer is a Jack Dee sort, has its funny quotes and makes me miss the place. Money well spent i think

3/5 stars

Insite on New Zealand life style (0/2 people found this helpful)

This is a witty book with great satire written in the Jeremy Clarkson style.. honest reviews of life and hotels, buildings etc. Worth reading before visiting New Zealand .. but be warned he has a very strange sense of humour which may put you off New Zealand.. BUT HAVING VISITED NEW ZEALAND his characters do exist!

4/5 stars

Top of the South? (0/1 people found this helpful)

Enjoyed the reading part, and finished the book quicker than expected -didn't want to put it down.
From my limited experiences of New Zealand, I found that the author had expressed in words my own 'feelings' on places and situations.
However my personal disappointment centred on the fact that a large chunk of South Island had been missed out totally: north of a line between Christchurch and Greymouth was the land that Joe Bennett forgot.
Perhaps he will take time out in the future to hitch there - and then add it as an annexe to an otherwise splendid travel/humour book.

1/5 stars

Well there was one funny bit...... (2/4 people found this helpful)

I think its the Daily Mail who describe this book as 'hilarious' - but its far from that I can assure you. I was expecting a lighthearted jaunt around the NZ islands but instead got the cynical ramblings from someone who has very little good to say about the country he has made his home for many years. I ploughed through it though and it was worth it when I did come across the funny bit just a chapter or so from the end. So if you're after a book to advise you on all the negative things to look out for then this is just the job, otherwise best avoided I think.....

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