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Bangladesh (Bradt Travel Guide) - Mikey Leung, Belinda Meggitt

Bangladesh (Bradt Travel Guide)

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Mikey Leung, Belinda Meggitt

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Pages: 288 (Paperback)

ISBN: 1841622931

Pub: Bradt Travel Guides

Pub date: 2009-09-14 Sales Rank: 28663

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Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

Bangladesh in all its technicolour glory (1/1 people found this helpful)

I recently used the Bradt guide to Sierra Leone and found it a very well written and an accurate depiction of the country. Prior to this I had a similar guide to Bosnia whic i found immensely readable. Bradt employs well written factual accounts to immerse the reader into a comprehensive understanding of a country's culture both politically, socially and physically. As much as any guide they will no doubt date, but as new, the Bangladesh guide offered clear maps, up to date accurate information and useful tips for a seasoned traveller.

One for the collection methinks.

1/5 stars

Disappointing book with poor layout (0/0 people found this helpful)

Having read most of this book I feel that it was very poorly laid out, I found it difficult to follow when reading and difficult to use when trying to refer back to information and check things. The information and content of this book was good, but the layout was very poor and I will not be using this book on my travels as it is just too difficult to navigate quickly and simply.

5/5 stars

The best Bangladesh guide you will find (2/3 people found this helpful)

I had read some chapters of the Lonely Planet guide to Bangladesh and was shocked at it's poorly written and subjective content. I had never heard of the Bradt guide but decided in must be at least as helpful as the Lonely Planet one so made my purchase.
This was a wise decision. The book is well written and packed with information. It is easy to read and set out well. I feel I now have at least a basic understanding of this amazing country and it's wonderful people. I will be travelling there in February and feel the guide has prepared me well. My Bengali wife had assured me that I would receive a warm welcome in her homeland and after reading the guide the warmth and generosity of the people comes through. Well this is one white european that feels humbled by this warmth and generosity from one of our planets poorest nations. Poor in dollars maybe but rich in culture, colour and history.
The guide has already given me plenty of ideas of where to go, what to see and what to avoid. It's also bang up to date, from the content it is clear it has only just been written and published.

5/5 stars

The Best Guide Book I Have Read in Years! (2/2 people found this helpful)

With Lonely Planet having seemingly lost the plot in recent years, there is certainly a gap in the market for really good travel guidebooks aimed at the independent traveller. On the evidence of this guide, Bradt are looking to fill this gap, and if they can consistently produce guides of a quality anything like this one, then they are going to fill that gap extremely successfully!

Written with rare enthusiasm, this is an absolute treat, and if reading it doesn't make you desperate to visit Bangladesh, you should probably stay at home or go somewhere else!

What's more, it looks very strong on practical information, too. I say "looks very strong," because I haven't actually embarked on my trip yet. However, I have been to Bangladesh before, and I can verify that the practical information concerning the places where I've been looks accurate. You will find this book invaluable whatever your budget. The nowadays often neglected budget traveller will not be disappointed, with even bottom of the range transport and accommodation options discussed. Those planning to work for NGO's will find lots of helpful stuff, too.

All in all, this guide very much has the feel of some of the early Lonely Planet Guides, although with better photographs. If there are awards handed out for travel guides, this one certainly ought to be a very strong candidate.

5/5 stars

Top marks for this well-researched book. (5/5 people found this helpful)

I had previously purchased the Lonely Planet Guide to Bangladesh, which left me a little disappointed and with quite a few questions unanswered. I was pleasantly surprised with this new Bradt guide which appears to be totally original research by the authors, and not cribbed from other guides. It's packed with useful practical information e.g. train schedules, together with historical background about the country, and has lots of leads for follow-up where appropriate. I suspect that the effort involved in putting the book together must have been quite a labour of love.

My only criticism might be that the maps - with the exception of those of Dhaka and Sylhet which are quite good - are a little poor. Often it's a trial to find places mentioned in the text on the maps, and in some cases places mentioned in the text do not cross reference to the maps, e.g. The Tea Resort in Srimongel - where most visitors probably stay - is mentioned in the text, but does not appear on either the town or district map, although I believe it is in the area covered by the maps. Lonely Planet probably wins on this one!

Anyway the 360 pages are already a trifle dog-eared from use, and I suspect will be far more so when I return from a planned visit. The Bradt guide will certainly be in my luggage.

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