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Colloquial Turkish: The Complete Course for Beginners (PB + CD) - Sinan Bayraktaroglu, Arin Bayraktaroglu

Colloquial Turkish: The Complete Course for Beginners (PB + CD)

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Sinan Bayraktaroglu, Arin Bayraktaroglu

Used from £14.97

Pages: 339 (Paperback)

Editor: Jeroen Aarssen

ISBN: 041515748X

Pub: Routledge

Pub date: 2000-11-09 Sales Rank: 912103

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Reader Reviews:

1/5 stars

Reasonable book, almost useless audio (0/0 people found this helpful)

The recorded dialogues are for the most part so slowed down and the flow of the language is so unnaturally broken up that they are pretty much useless. If the people responsible had only used audio editing software to adjust the speed without distorting the rythyms this would have been quicker and easier to produce and much more useful.
The same criticism applies to other Colloquial books I ve tried (Mongolian, Hungarian)so it seems to be a fault with the commissioning editors rather than the authors.

2/5 stars

No system, so make your own? (1/1 people found this helpful)

The good is that you have to make effort to learn it, and I mean REALLY make an effort. The language is very different from indoeuropean ones, so don't wait any resemblance to what you know of other languages unless you're fluent in Hungarian or Finnish (agglutinative ones).
Turkish language builds up sentences very differently from how they are translated to English. You can't follow...Here lies also the core for my sigh. Yes, the dialogues can be silly, but I want to know WHAT I'm saying when training. The book seems to lack pedagogical system for how to learn this difficult language. This book is put together in a very haphazardous way. I don't want to read, you'll get to it, it'll be natural for you in no time etc. I want to know how am I to express correctly what I want to say and I want to understand why! Clear system for gradual introduction to the logic of the language would be much better.

5/5 stars

best of the bunch! (10/11 people found this helpful)

First of all, depsite the details on the Amazon page, this is not the old Bayraktaroglu edition but a completely different book by Backus and Aarssen. I've worked all the way through it and I think it's excellent. Good grammar explanations and lively interesting dialogues. As for the girlfriend of one of the other reviewers saying the Turkish was wrong - well, I saw that and checked with several Turkish friends of my own, all of whom gave it the all clear. So maybe it's a dialect thing. I can't believe the Turkish in a book like this wouldn't have been carefully checked before publication in any case, can you? By far the best self-teacher I've come across for this fascinating (and tricky!) language.

1/5 stars

Not for the easily scared and a bit obscure! (9/10 people found this helpful)

I bought this book eager to learn Turkish. After two days I gave up and sent it back. This first exercise is okay but then it gets complicated very quickly, with lots of new vocab introduced quickly and without warning. There are not enough exercises to test yourself and the grammar structure is not explained until much later in the book. Some of the conversations are quite obscure and I found myself having to learn words that I would never use on a short visit to Turkey. It is not very encouaging for the beginer however it may be more suitable to a confident improver.
After returning this book, I purchased the Linguaphone PDQ pack which is much simpler and easier, and is also very encouraging. after 3 weeks with PDQ i can hold short conversations with confidence!

2/5 stars

Could be better (15/16 people found this helpful)

This book gives a basic insight into Turkish, but it has a lot of faults. The dialogues are mostly very uninteresting and often downright silly. My Turkish girlfriend informs me that there are many mistakes in the examples given, both grammatical and lexical. As a language teacher myself, I always try, even when teaching grammar, to give examples that incorporate useful language, things that people might one day need to say. This book has many examples of phrases that no one would ever need to say (for example; 'In summer my grandfather takes his sheep to the meadow.' Am I really going to need to say that the next time I am in Turkey?).

The grammar explanations are reasonably clear, but a language course should really be focussing on useful, practical language.

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