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Dandy Annual 2010 -

Dandy Annual 2010

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Pages: 132 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 184535382X

Pub: D C Thomson

Pub date: 2009-09-02 Sales Rank: 68637

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Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

Desperate Dan better than ever. (3/3 people found this helpful)

After some rather unkind words with regards the new look to Desperate Dan strips (although it's been drawn by Jamie Smart since 2008, so it's hardly new). I have to say that personally these strips are probably the best thing about this annual and indeed my children's favourite strip in the Dandy comic. While a couple of years ago, Desperate Dan would have been the last strip they would have read, it is now probably the best thing about the Dandy. Far from having the look of being 'Drawn by a chimp' Jamie Smart's simplistic style is technically brilliant and, more importantly, it's incredibly funny. Just the shot in the arm Desperate Dan needed to bring him up to date for the new generation of children.

1/5 stars

What happened ? (0/1 people found this helpful)

Just bought the Dandy annual and can't believe my eyes. One of my all time favourites Desperate Dan now appears to be illustrated by a chimpanzee, or perhaps Benny from Crossroads. Must do better, if not call it a day.

5/5 stars

Dandy Annual (0/0 people found this helpful)

Bought as an xmas present, this was, and still is, enjoyed by my son as it has lots of pictures and not so many words!

4/5 stars

The usual stuff (0/0 people found this helpful)

My twin boys love the Dandy and Beano - much as I did many years ago. Not a lot changes.

1/5 stars

So disappointed ... won`t buy it next year for my children (0/1 people found this helpful)

It was Christmas time and wanted to get my children an annual from when I was a child. I found this annual - The Dandy Annual 2010 and ordered it. When I got it home I wrapped it in wrapping paper and put it under the Christmas tree. A few days after Christmas my child came to me and asked why Desperate Dan looked different inside.
I compared the outside cover of the annual and compared it with the inside cartoons -- it was total different. I looked like some student had just done a quick sketch.
I wrote an E-Mail to the publishers DC THOMSON and complained. But they didn`t reply ... how embarrassing.
I certainly would not buy any of the DC THOMSON annuals and would certain recommend that you don`t buy their annuals until the quality has returned to something good.

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