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Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Lonely Planet Country Guide) - Danny Palmerlee, Michael Grosberg, Carolyn McCarthy

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

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Danny Palmerlee, Michael Grosberg, Carolyn McCarthy

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Pages: 440 (Paperback)

ISBN: 174104295X

Pub: Lonely Planet Publications

Pub date: 2006-08-01 Sales Rank: 233745

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Reader Reviews:

3/5 stars

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I bought this guide before I travelled around Ecuador and other parts of South America last summer. Although it was helpful, well presented and laid-out, I found the guide disppointing in two main ways:
The maps used are sometimes inaccurate in terms of where the symbols for bus stations, hotels etc have been placed, and some street names do not match those given in the guide;
The guide has been badly edited in a few places, meaning that it is difficult to understand what point the author is trying to make.
I also found that a lot of information in this edition is long out of date (if you are buying this, make sure to print of a copy of Lonely Planet's updates from their website, although I don't know how useful they are either).
I would recommend this guide to someone who might be travelling around Ecuador on an organised tour or something, but for a backpacker or someone who likes to do everything on their own, I'd recommend the Footprint for S.America instead. You get a lot less general and historical info. but it is much more accurate in terms of maps, hotels etc. which is all you need a guidebook for anyway...

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