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Good Times, Bad Times: Ready for the Fightback - Andrew Flintoff

Good Times, Bad Times: Ready for the Fightback

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Andrew Flintoff

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Pages: 320 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 0340937149

Pub: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Pub date: 2010-10-02 Sales Rank: 1522904

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Reader Reviews:

1/5 stars

Freddy meets Book Police after pedalo incident (0/5 people found this helpful)

Flintoff has recently proved himself to be what he is. Following the world cup defeat to New Zealand, he goes on yet another binge and ends up embarrassing himself and the country he represents. To many this came as something as a shock, but proves he is little more than a pampered lout, who is hardly the most talented cricketer England has produced.
This came off the back of Ashes success, when he was at the Zenith of his fame, a cynical cash-in, fleecing the public with a book packed with untruths, trying to make himself out to be one-of-the-lads. To this end he tries to come over as an average bloke, and people seem to think he is their mate.
In fact he has done very little except play cricket, and even then he is not that good at it. If you buy this the profits will go to bottles of hard liqeur which Andrew will inject into his veins. I think it shows enough about his propfessionalism that during a world cup campaign he felt it was appropriate to get wasted and jeopardise their entire preperation.

2/5 stars

Another book - why? (4/6 people found this helpful)

I am a HUGE England fan and obviously want them to do well at this years Ashes, and bought this book thinking it was an insightful read. But to be honest, much like his autobiography, there isn't much here, other than a few personal shots of Andy's personal life. What else is there to learn after his official book which I bought only ten months ago? I'm passionate about cricket, just as I am about football, and you could say it's not the actual subject's fault, but you do get the feeling we're all being milked for what its worth!! As said, I am disappointed with this book having bought into the PR, I thought it would be a whole lot more than it is, maybe I'll go buy Ashley Cole's or Rio Ferdinand's book next - maybe not! Two stars ONLY because I want an Ashes win!

4/5 stars

An enjoyable read (4/5 people found this helpful)

I recently purchased this book with a niggling doubt; I had read Andrew Flintoff's previous book "Being Freddie" and had been disappointed with it, finding it surface-deep and lacking any real detail.

I'm happy to say that "My World" is a marked improvement. It isn't overly wordy but what text there is tells us a lot about Andrew - how he thinks, how he feels; in fact, I would go as far as to say that there is as much of the Real Andrew Flintoff in a few chapters of "My World" than in the whole of "Being Freddie."

The photo illustrations are very beautiful and well-taken, showing everything from the Flintoffs' Garage (full of Andrew's old kit) to Wedding photos to On-Tour Snaps (Including Steve Harmison and Shaun Udal plying darts with holes in their socks)

I'd recommend it for any Flintoff fan, you don't have to be overly literary to enjoy this book (it has a lot, and I mean a LOT of photos) it is light, funny, interesting and enjoyable.

A fun read.

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