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Hairy Maclary Scattercat (Hairy Maclary and Friends) - Lynley Dodd

Hairy Maclary Scattercat (Hairy Maclary and Friends)

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Lynley Dodd

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Pages: 32 (Spiral-bound)

ISBN: 0140505806

Pub: Puffin

Pub date: 2009-03-26 Sales Rank: 69877

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Reader Reviews:

5/5 stars

Another good one from Lynley Dodd (0/0 people found this helpful)

Once again Lynley Dodd has penned a winner. This time she introduces the cats in the neighbourhood, as Hairy Maclary, in a mad mood, chases them, much to their annoyance. However, he gets his comeuppance when he tries to chase an old antagonist! Read and Enjoy!

5/5 stars

brilliant for reading aloud (0/0 people found this helpful)

this book has a great repetition that littluns love. each page has a cat being chased by Hairy Mclary, with the repeated phrase 'But along came Hairy Mclary ...' on each page and my little boy loves saying this with me!

the text rhymes beautifully, the pictures are beautiful and Hairy Mclary gets his comeuppance (in a funny way) at the end.

i bought this as part of a set of 5 but this is the one my little boy wants read most, tho all of them are well-read (and not in the usual tedious vein that the majority of stories for under 5s seem to fall into).

If you and your offspring enjoy the Julia Donaldson books you'll love these too.

5/5 stars

Perfect for even the smallest children (2/2 people found this helpful)

Jude is 13 months old and this is his favourite book. He mightn't understand the words, but he knows the story -- and the credit for that goes to Lynley Dodd. Everything about this book is right: the rhythms and rhymes are beguiling; the pictures and words complement each other perfectly; there is plenty to point at and to laugh at; even parents with minimal acting skills will find it easy to dramatize. Above all, the pacing is perfect. Jude can't talk, but when we get to the crucial page, he turns around and looks me in the eye and says ... well, something. Something that tells me he knows what's going on.

Don't hesitate to pick up any of Lynley Dodd's delightful books; just be prepared to read them out loud two, three or four times in a row. At least you probably won't have to fetch them yourself: a simple "Where's Hairy McLary?" gets Jude scampering to the cupboard.

4/5 stars

A chase with a twist in the tail (10/10 people found this helpful)

An excellent Hairy Maclary tale. Children love the chasing of the cats and the rythmic style makes for easy reading. The joke at the end is not lost on even the youngest of children. Tom and Jerry in prose!

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