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Jonah Lomu Autobiography - Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu Autobiography

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Jonah Lomu

Pages: 320 (Paperback)

ISBN: 0755312643

Pub: Headline Book Publishing

Pub date: 2006-05-01 Sales Rank: 3929542

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Reader Reviews:

3/5 stars

Book Synopsis (1/11 people found this helpful)

The synopsis to this book tells us that "since Jonah trampled over Tony Underwood" but i'm sure it was Mike Catt's Tampling that really propelled him onto the scene. As an Englishman that day sits heavy in the mind, but as World Champions it has eased recently, at least for two more years.

5/5 stars

If you don't enjoy this book then you can't read (11/11 people found this helpful)

In a nutshell...amazing. I was surprised so much in this book about how Jonah Lomu opens up so much about his personal life, his tough upbringing with his father, his school years and tons more. Almost every match in his career is covered in detail and you get all the behind the scenes grit that you would not normally find out about in other autobiographies. It's fantastic, once you have read this book you feel like you are a best friend of Jonah's. It covers every aspect of his life from all the sad times to the happy times and includes loads of hilarious stories of Mr.Lomu's experiences on and off the pitch. Some pages will have you in stitches and some will have you thinking deeply about the stress of being a world-wide rugby superstar. You have to buy this book if you want to know all there is to know about Jonah Lomu. I have met Jonah before and he is an amazing character and the most interesting bloke I have met in perhaps my entire life. Buy it, or you REALLY are missing out.

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