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Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect Series) - Gilda Nissenberg

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect Series)

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Gilda Nissenberg

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Pages: 356 (Paperback)

ISBN: 0071422706

Pub: McGraw-Hill Contemporary

Pub date: 2004-05-01 Sales Rank: 1190

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Reader Reviews:

5/5 stars

the best grammar book I have ever bought (0/0 people found this helpful)

I think my title says it all - this book is excellent. It is on the book list for the second year of the beginners spanish part of my degree and it has been a bible for the throughout the whole year. The explanations are clear and the exercises are useful and relevant. In another review I see that a native castillano speaker from Spain has mentioned not everything is as they would say it. I am pretty sure this is because it is an american book which is influenced heavily by the latin american way. For me (after having spent 5 months in Chile) this was invaluable to have the opportunity to have examples of world spanish and not just that spoken in Spain. Great for beginners or people looking to brush up on their grammar - I have just bought a second book as I have worn my first out!!

5/5 stars

Buy it (0/0 people found this helpful)

Have tried others but this is one of the best book for teaching/learning Spanish I have seen.

5/5 stars

An Excellent Book!! (0/0 people found this helpful)

This book is fantstic!!

It contains clear and simple explainations on all the grammar rules, contains THOUSANDS of excersises for you then to practise (with the answers in the back) and it also has loads of vocab which you might need for the excersises and are also great to learn and brush up on your Spanish vocabulary.

I'm studying for my GCSE and plan to study A Level.

Do not hesitate to purchase this book and the other two in the series!! :-)

1/5 stars

Disappointing - I was excepting another Dorothy Richmond (1/1 people found this helpful)

This book attempts too much. Lots of vocubulary is presented which then cannot be followed up in the exerices.
I find the exercises set at the wrong level. Many of them are boringly obvious and I get 7 out of 7 - but it is like writing lines (as punishment) because the formula is so plain. Then for another set of exercises I get 0 out of 7 - I am clearly completely missing the point. Good testing should get the student in the range 40% to 80% and not 0% or 100%. It is very demotivating to get under 50% - especially when the book can't offer alternative encouragement (which can be given in a classroom).
Instuructions in Spanish don't help - misunderstanding one word can mean getting all the exercises wrong - is the point of the exercise to test understanding of the point just explained or is it doing 2 things - including your ability to translate instructions that usually have not been explained to you and you have to guess at?
One example is when to use "que" or "cual" - little explanation is given ahead of the exercise and it felt like picking que / cual fairly at random. I got some wrong and some right and didn't know why or what I could do about it.
Dorothy Richmond (Practice Makes Perfect) hits the mark!

5/5 stars

Excellent Book - Covers Most Things You Need (0/0 people found this helpful)

I bought this book (Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar)to augment a beginners night school course and find it very useful for this purpose. Not sure I would want to use it as a complete beginner to teach myself but as revision and expansion of each week at night school it is excellent. I also bought 501 Spanish Verbs (6th Edition)at the same time, but I think that, as a beginner, Complete Spanish Grammar is sufficient as 16 of the 26 units are dealing with verbs.

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