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Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored, Understood - Sue Crawford

Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored, Understood

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Sue Crawford

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Pages: 256 (Paperback)

ISBN: 1843171740

Pub: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd

Pub date: 2005-10-06 Sales Rank: 255478

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Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

love the childhood details .... (1/1 people found this helpful)

this book was a really good read - loved the detail of sharon's relationship with her dad, the stories about the rolls royce and so on was really interesting - the rest of sharon's story might be told better in her own books, but this one is a really good wrap up of the whole story - and like I say the early stuff is really readable.

5/5 stars

Excellent (1/1 people found this helpful)

I was very impressed on the Delivery of the item and I would recomend it.

5/5 stars

I didn`t know sharon was riding round in limousines and wearing diamonds before she even met ozzy.. (1/1 people found this helpful)

Her father might have been a tough nut to crack but he was as soft as putty in sharon`s hands, and she wanted for nothing right up to her twenties..then she got involved with ozzy and it was all downhill from there - for a while anyway. Absolutely no doubt about it, ozzy would have died in some seedy hotel from alcoholism years ago if not for sharon. This is a great read and i read in it a few hours, i would highly recommend it. However, while ozzy is getting older and mellowing, sharon seems to be getting wilder, as though she still has a point to make. Maybe the massive weight loss and the ton of plastic surgery etc, have given her so much confidence she doesn`t know what to do with it all, and she feels she has to be the centre of attention everywhere she goes. I absolutely was not impressed by the way she behaved with the royals - ie grabbing camilla`s breasts, pinching charles`s, william`s, and harry`s bums, and using foul language. That is not funny - that is downright lewd and disrespectful and sure to get your name crossed off the invitation list next time. She appears to be doing all the things she spent years trying to stop ozzy doing. I got a bit tired of her constantly telling us she is `just like her father and no-one better mess with her` - otherwise she would physically hurt them - and lots of times she actually did - even to the point of trying to run down her own father. It all made her come across as a bit of a bully i`m afraid.There is a world of difference between being a tough, fair person who earns respect - and screaming and shouting and threatening physical abuse to get what you want - and sharon has not yet learnt that.
I would love to have sharon`s money but i wouldn`t have any part of her life at any price. I enjoyed this one but i won`t be buying any more of sharon`s books, i don`t feel she has any more to tell as this one goes from her childhood right up to practically the present day.
Sharon really needs to calm down now and stop attention seeking, she has nothing to prove, and her behaviour is not very becoming for a woman heading up to sixty.

5/5 stars

A must read for any Osbourne fan (3/4 people found this helpful)

This book is an open and frank account of Sharon's life I expected nothing less. Her life marries mine in many respects and some times I feel a little wonky with the similarities although her illness stepped into a different road to mine I ended up with the ileostomy. I could feel her anxiety and don't believe she was afraid for her self but for those around her. Ozzy is her rock and they bounce off each other they have an equal relationship and respect each others opinions. Many believe she is the kingpin of the family, I believe strength lies in numbers and each member holds it together. Well done Sharon a good read, incredible life, and fantastic future. Now all you need is the grandkids.........Can you imagine having Sharon and Ozzy as grandparents the mind how fantastic for them.

5/5 stars

MUST READ!! (2/4 people found this helpful)

I thought this book was excellent, It made me think twice about the rare and fantastic women 'Sharon Osbourne' and 'Ozzy osbourne' reading this book defently gives me the ability to call myself one of sharion osbournes number 1 fans, Sharon is not to affraid to tell you her most jaw dropping secrets! Once you start you have to finish! 1 Excellent book!!!

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