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Spun Out: Shane Warne the Unauthorised Biography of a Cricketing Genius - Paul Barry

Spun Out: Shane Warne the Unauthorised Biography of a Cricketing Genius

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Paul Barry

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Pages: 560 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 0593056620

Pub: Bantam Press

Pub date: 2006-08-02 Sales Rank: 533794

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Reader Reviews:

1/5 stars

Don't waste time reading it or money buying it. (0/0 people found this helpful)

I was given this as a present and I would have been ****** off if I had spent money on it. I agree with the other reviews so there is little point in me saying the same.
I found it annoying to read because for an Oxford graduate the authors command of English was particularly poor and his sentence construction meant you had to re-read what you had just been reading.
I'm surprised that he didn't get it proof read before publication because I thought it is one of the golden rules that you don't start sentences with the word 'AND'
This is not once or twice either but throughout, several times in every chapter and this is the first time in 50 years of reading books I have encountered this.

Save your money and read a better constructed and easier to read book, there are a lot out there!

2/5 stars

A Useful Addition, If Not To Everyone's Tastes (1/1 people found this helpful)

Most books about Warne (especially his own) are hagiographies. They begin with the rending of the skies and the erupting of volcanoes that foretold his birth at Mount Olympus, his father Zeus gazing down lovingly ... I am barely exaggerating. They are so overwhelmingly positive that they offend the readers' intelligence.

Barry takes the opposite tack.

If you want to read about every mistake, every transgression, every omission in Warne's life, down to whether or not he leaves the toilet seat up, then this is the book for you.

Barry is a seasoned journo who knows exactly how far he can push it (to the tolerance of one micron) and still keep the lawyers off his back. So we hear a lot of stories - sometimes nasty, sometimes petty - that didn't make it out of Australia. They paint a bleak picture, and they ring truer than the stuff Warne writes (or has ghost-written) about himself. It adds detail and colour to events which Warne draws a veil over and yet are essential to our understanding of the man.

Not an easy or pleasant read, but an important addition to the canon.

2/5 stars

Disappointing... (2/2 people found this helpful)

While I find the subject matter fascinating and have enjoyed reading the book to a certain extent, it is pretty obvious that the author is using it as a 500-page retribution, full of bile and spite towards it subject, apparently because he refused to work with the author. The book is full of spurrious and circumstantial quotes and sources, some attributed to anonymous contributers, giving the book a glib and obviously unofficial feel. Despite the breadth of information on the subject and his full life, it even pads out a chapter with an embarrassingly bad fake newspaper article of what could have happened to Warne in a certain situation. Pathetic. Warne is classic sporting biography fodder - a flawed genius, a true legend with a scandalous private life, who no doubt deserves tough scrutiny. However, this is a deeply flawed book with without depth or any real focus other than sledging its subject.

1/5 stars

A Waste of Money (1/1 people found this helpful)

I felt annoyed with myself after reading this book - annoyed that I had wasted my hard earned money in the hope of some meaningful insights into a cricketing great.

Instead, I read a 'cut and paste' tabloid style stitch up. There is nothing in this book that could not be gleaned from newspaper articles about Shane Warne, other than some less than scintillating recollections from childhood friends and ex school mates (presumably the only people that the author could get to talk to him).

We learn a few things about the author though - his smugness at placing money on England's 05 Ashes victory (mentioned a couple of times); the fact that he is an ex Pom (is there such a thing?); and the fact that he obviously loathes Warne. Most distasteful though are his comments about Warne's long suffering wife, Simone - both her appearance and intellectual abilities come in for a battering. It seems completely unnecessary but, sadly, par for the course in this shabby biography.

My strong advice is not to make the mistake I made by buying this book did - otherwise you too may be left not just with an emptier wallet, but also with an unpleasant taste in your mouth

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