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Teach Yourself Swedish Conversation (Teach Yourself Conversations) - Regina Harkin

Teach Yourself Swedish Conversation (Teach Yourself Conversations)

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Regina Harkin

Pages: (Audio CD)

ISBN: 0340927763

Pub: Teach Yourself

Pub date: 2006-12-29 Sales Rank: 312718

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Reader Reviews:

4/5 stars

Jag talar en litet svenska (0/0 people found this helpful)

I bought this CD in preparation for going to Scandinavia a few years ago, and wanted to know at least the basics of one of the languages spoken there. I found that this CD was very good for helping you learn and recognise many basic words and phrases and had a good structure and layout incorporating some interesting facts and the language and Swedish culture. I am trying to learn to speak Swedish properly now and still find it very useful and easy to use. It won't, however, get you to a very high level and you will have to use other books or take classes to get anywhere near fluent.

5/5 stars

Fast learning for time strapped (4/4 people found this helpful)

This was great for learning on my commute to work - I've rarely used the book as the CDs are so well structured. I have also got the Swedish original Teach yourself CDs, and German Conversation/Original Teach Yourself CDs, and can honestly say the 'conversation' series is a better format as I simply don't have time to sit down with books and pencils. If you need to learn enough to get yourself around fast these are what you need - I'm not at the level of translating law documents, but haven't used 'Do you speak English?' in Sweden or Germany for a long time.

4/5 stars

Teach Yourself Swedish Conversation (3/3 people found this helpful)

This is a very well conceived short course and is really fun to follow. The format of explaining what the next conversation will deal with before it is played is a good one and the conversations are all very relevant to actual experiences you might have in shops, restaurants, travelling etc. The basic grammar and structures are also very clearly explained with just enough information. It is a pity the 3rd CD has no accompanying booklet as although I have enjoyed trying to write the conversations out as dictations, I got stuck a few times and would have liked to have had something to refer to! The only bad thing about the course is the MUSIC which becomes unbearably irritating after a short time as it is repeated so often!

4/5 stars

A great way to learn quickly (7/7 people found this helpful)

I've been really impressed with this little course. The format is listening and repeating, but I found the most useful aspect the exercises where you are given the English phrase and you have to turn it into Swedish. Some of the vocab choices are a bit odd (I learned the Swedish for "Bumper Car" before "food" for example!) but it helps keep it fun. Grammar is only explained where it really helps you form the sentences and is quite cursory but that suits me fine! The 3rd CD is more of an emphasis on listening but contains more useful vocabulary. The little book contains the scripts for the first 20 conversations but sadly none of the words from the 3rd CD are in it so a dictionary comes in handy. Great for listening in the car. I feel I learned a lot in a very short time. How about a volume 2 please?

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